Presenting PODERsalud New Features and Updates

PODERsalud is our discount medical plan that gives you and your family access to high quality healthcare for just $16.95 a month. Membership opens the doors to unlimited virtual doctor’s appointments at no additional cost, big discounts on prescription medications and lab tests, and so much more! 

With the community needs in mind, we continue to improve the user experience of these services and today we’re here to share some exciting updates and new features of PODERsalud so you can enjoy your benefits to the fullest. 

Access all benefits directly from the SABEResPODER website 

Members used to have to download a third-party mobile app to their smartphone to access their PODERsalud benefits. Luckily that’s a thing of the past! You can find absolutely everything you’ll need related to your membership on the SABEResPODER website thanks to our new benefits hub. We’ve also improved the general user experience to make your life even easier.

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Finding what you need should be seamless - we know you’ve got lots on your plate! Accessing your healthcare plan shouldn’t be a headache.

New interactive map makes finding healthcare providers easier than ever 

In the market for a new dentist? Maybe you’re overdue for an eye exam? We now have an interactive map that’s super easy to use: just use your address or the zip code of the area where you want to find a dentist or a vision service provider, it’s that simple!

It’s an easy, user-friendly way to access your benefits and find health providers in your area.

Digital membership cards work with you

Since we know the last thing you need is another piece of paper for your wallet, our digital membership cards are here to save the day. Check the information on your digital dental or vision benefit cards and make sure you are eligible for the discounts to avoid surprises or unexpected charges! You can call ahead of your appointment and make sure your provider has the membership details.

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To unlock the available discounts, simply present your digital card at reception. It’s as easy as that!