How to Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Due to COVID-19, hand hygiene has become a priority for the entire population. Inspired by this need, the SABEResPODER team has created a quick guide on how to produce homemade hand sanitizer easily. Put your clean hands to work and protect your family!

Sanitary Measures

We've always known that hand washing is a healthy practice that helps us avoid infection and diseases, but why has it become such a relevant necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Fungi, bacteria, and viruses such as COVID-19 are considered germs, and we're all exposed to them in our daily lives. An average vehicle can harbor an estimated 700 different types of bacteria. Therefore, it's necessary to prevent them from spreading by keeping our hands clean and using soap or hand sanitizer to stop the spread of the virus.

There are hundreds of hand sanitizer options available in the market now, but that doesn’t mean they’re all effective. Check the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website to know which hand sanitizers to avoid.

You can quickly make your own at home without spending much since most ingredients are inexpensive and easy to get—you probably have some of them at home already.

Recipe From The World Health Organization

We recommend that you follow the World Health Organization (WHO)’s indications, which have published a universal guide for making a homemade hand sanitizer. We’ve summarized the ingredients and elaboration process below:


  • 96% ethyl alcohol (ethanol)
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide solution
  • 98% glycerol (glycerine)
  • Pure water (spring or boiled water)

Although the formula recommended by the WHO yields 10 liters, it’s also possible to produce homemade hand sanitizer on a smaller scale, as you can see in several YouTube tutorials. Find below the quantities for a 10 oz preparation:


  • Ethanol: 1 cup (240 ml)
  • hydrogen peroxide: 1 ½ tablespoon (7 ml)
  • Glycerol: 1 tablespoon (5 ml)
  • Water: ⅛ cup (30 ml)


  1. You should first pour the ethanol into a measuring cup until you reach the 240 ml mark.
  2. Add 1 ½ tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to the same container.
  3. Carefully add 1 tablespoon of glycerol. Keep in mind that it’s a very thick liquid.
  4. Add ⅛ cup of water. If you boil the water, let it cool down before adding it to the mix.
  5. Stir well for one minute.
  6. Pour the solution into the final container. Preferably a dispenser as this will make using your homemade hand sanitizer easier.

Keeping Your Hands Clean Was Never This Important

As you can see, producing low-cost homemade hand sanitizer is accessible and helpful in protecting your family from COVID-19. This, in turn, benefits your whole community.

We recommend that you continue to wash your hands with soap frequently and look out for recommendations from the government and the WHO.

For questions about the COVID-19 pandemic, come and chat with us. And if you've already created your own disinfectant liquid, share it with the SABEResPODER community! Feel free to add images of your great work after following this guide on our Facebook page.