How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home

The countdown has started. Are you ready to ring in the New Year? One of the most widespread holiday traditions around the world is celebrating New Year’s Eve every 31st of December. As most people are opting to stay home this year, what better way to welcome 2022 than with a festive New Year’s Eve house party! Continue reading for fun ideas and party inspiration to make your New Year’s celebration a success.

Plan Your New Year's Eve Party At Home

Don’t wait until the ball drops to start planning for your New Year’s party! Start planning well in advance to ensure that your party is a success! Here are a few important things to consider as you plan your New Year's Eve celebration:


A year ago, many of us could not meet up with family and friends to celebrate the holidays as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, thanks to the availability of vaccines against this virus, many will be able to welcome guests back into their homes. If you're planning on inviting family and friends to celebrate New Year's Eve at home, we recommend asking them if they're vaccinated and following the CDC’s recommendations on gatherings to ensure that everyone is safe.

We also recommend sending your party invitations far in advance. This will give your guests plenty of time to let you know if they will be attending, and you'll be able to plan the rest of your party with ease!


One of the most important parts of any New Year's Eve celebration is the food! Around the world, many different cultures celebrate the New Year with traditional dishes, such as Hoppin' John from the southern United States, delicious tamales from Mexico, or Toshikoshi in Japan. No matter what you serve, it's helpful to know how many guests you’ll have ahead of time so that you can make sure that there is enough food to share!

To lighten your workload in the kitchen, you can also ask each of your guests to bring a dish to share at your celebration. A pot-luck style party is not only practical, but it reminds us of what this season is all about…sharing with our loved ones!


Don’t forget the decorations! Another activity that needs to be planned in advance of your big celebration is decorating the home. Sure, those Christmas decorations are beautiful, but it’s more festive to decorate for the new year to come! If you need ideas on how to decorate your home, check out these ten simple and inexpensive decorations in this article.

Keep in mind: Try to decorate your home at least one day before your New Year's Eve party. You might have a busy day ahead, so adorn your house with all those beautiful balloons, ribbons, and other New Year’s decorations.

New Year Traditions

Every country, region, and even every family has its own unique New Year’s traditions. If you’re looking for some new and fun ways to ring in the new year, get inspired by these New Year’s customs from around the world:

Greece: podarikó

Derived from the word podi (which means foot in Greek), the tradition of podarikó is to start the new year on the right foot, literally. After the clock strikes midnight, have everyone at your party all take a step with their right foot for good luck.

Russia: Burn your wishes

In Russia, one of the most common New Year’s traditions is that people write their wishes on a piece of paper, then burn it over a glass of champagne and drink the ashes. But don't forget to say За здоровье!!!, which is pronounced "za zdaróvye" and means "for health.”

Scotland: Redding the house

In Scotland, New Year's Eve is known as Hogmanay. During this celebration, one of the most common traditions is known as redding the house. This custom consists of deep cleaning our house and getting rid of the things we no longer use. Take advantage of this tradition and start the new year more organized!

Portugal: Eating raisins

Eating twelve grapes on New Year's Eve is a widespread tradition across many Spanish-speaking countries. However, in Portugal, the tradition is to eat raisins! If eating twelve grapes at midnight after a large dinner seems like a daunting task, do as the Portuguese do and make your New Year’s wishes by eating twelve raisins!

6 Ideas for Celebrating the New Year at Home

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Feeling nervous about hosting the perfect New Year’s Eve party? Don’t worry, we have some fun ideas that your guests will be sure to enjoy. Spice up your party with these six, party ideas and activities that everyone will love:

Prepare non-alcoholic cocktails

An essential part of most New Year's celebrations is making a toast at midnight. While it's traditional to toast with some type of sparkling alcoholic beverage, such as champagne or cider, many people (including those who aren't of legal drinking age) are unable to drink them. To make everyone feel more included in the toast, prepare non-alcoholic drinks or “mocktails” for your guests.

Take out the board games

Board games are an excellent activity to spend time with all your guests and have a great time. Put your board games in the corner of your living room and let the guests choose what they want to play. If you don't have any board games at home, there are plenty of options for games that can be played with as little as pen and paper.

Make a wish box

Wish boxes are a great way to celebrate your guests while creating beautiful memories. Get a small box for each guest at your party and write their name on the box. Set up a small station so that the boxes are visible, along with pens and paper. Instruct all your guests to write their well wishes for everyone at the party and leave it in their box. At the end of the dinner, have everyone open their box and read the kind wishes their loved ones wrote to them. Afterward, they can take their wish boxes home with them.

Sing karaoke

Karaoke is a fun activity that everyone can enjoy, even if singing isn't your thing. It’s all about having a good time with your family and friends, so don’t be shy! If you don't have any microphones and karaoke tracks at home, don’t worry. You can find a karaoke version of almost any song you want on Youtube. Plus, singing a cappella is just as much fun!

Watch the ball drop on TV

One of the most classic New Year's Eve traditions in the United States is the famous Ball Drop in Times Square. The Times Square Ball drop has been a New York City tradition since 1908. It is televised every year and is known for its free concerts and performances.

Have a themed party

Obviously, the main reason to celebrate New Year's Eve is to celebrate the upcoming year. And what better way than a themed party! You can ask your guests to dress a certain way, prepare food and drinks associated with your theme, and even plan activities that reflect around it - so get creative! If you need some ideas for your themed party, here are some options.

Have a Very Happy New Year!

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