15 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and by now you’re probably asking yourself what to get your significant other. Luckily, SABEResPODER has 15 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will help you get the ball rolling. Whether you want to express platonic or romantic love, you’ll love these fun and unique gift ideas.

When is Valentine’s Day?

Sometimes referred to as the “Day of Love and Friendship” Valentine's Day is an annual holiday of Christian origin that falls on February 14. Famous for the acts of kindness that he performed for couples during a time when Christians were persecuted and mistreated by the Roman Empire, St. Valentine’s feast day is celebrated in Rome as a tribute to love and friendship.

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Since the 20th Century, Valentine's Day has been a way to celebrate love and affection in all its forms, no matter who you celebrate it with. Even though the holiday is traditionally for couples, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate friendship and family too. That’s why this holiday is also called the Day of Love and Friendship.

15 Great Valentine’s Day Gifts

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We know this can be a special day for you and your loved ones, so we created a list of unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can surprise your partner, friends, or anyone else with.

Book folding

Book folding is a gift creation in which the creator carefully folds the pages of a book (preferably one that they don’t need to use again!) to create 3D letters or figures. When the reader opens it up they could see hearts, the phrase “I love you,” and many more options. No matter what message you choose to convey with your book, this art makes for a unique Valentine’s Day gift. Click on this tutorial to learn more!

A personalized mug

Mugs are a classic, practical gift that are perfect for any occasion. But you can put a romantic twist on this gift for Valentine’s Day. You can customize the mug by putting a photo of you and your partner or friend together and sending it to a platform like Vistaprint and Etsy to create the mug for you. 

If your budget is a bit tighter, you can always buy a white mug and some felt tip pens, and decorate it yourself with a personal message or a freehand design. Let your imagination run wild!

A heart-shaped cake

Does your partner have a sweet tooth? Then what better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than to indulge it with a heart-shaped cake? If cake is the perfect gift for them, you can go to a bakery or an independent baker and ask them to create a custom cake for you. But if you’re looking for something cheaper, you can always make the cake yourself! Head to the grocery store, pick out the ingredients, and have fun! There are plenty of tutorials that are sure to be helpful and easy to follow.

A romantic pillow

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If your partner loves to feel cozy, a romantic pillow is a perfect way to show your love! That way, your partner can fall asleep with a piece of you by their side. You can even include a message or photo. If you’re looking for something a little more DIY, you can use label makers or permanent markers to add a personalized message.

Scented candles

Giving a scented candle is a great way to give the gift of self-care. The candles’ aromas can be soothing and relaxing. There's a wide variety of scented candles that you can buy, or if you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own.

Decorative candle holder

If you’re already going to get them a scented candle, why not include a decorative candle holder? If you want to make it an even more personalized gift, you can put a photo with you and your partner or friend on contact paper and put it inside the candle holder so they see a photo of you whenever they light their candle.

Personalized jewelry

Jewelry is always a good gift, and personalized jewelry is a great way to tell a person you love them in a wearable way. You can buy this kind of jewelry from plenty of vendors and customize the message however you want. 

A watch with a romantic message

A custom watch is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for punctual partners. The watch can be wooden or metal, and you can add a message on the back of it, so your partner thinks of you whenever they check the time.

A scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a perfect gift for friends and significant others. You can fill them with photos, cards, ticket stubs, or memorabilia from events that you attended together. Feel free to add words of love or encouragement on different pages of the book. No matter what you put in the book, your partner is sure to love it!

A romantic dinner

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They say that the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. That’s why cooking a romantic dinner is a foolproof way to show your partner that you care. If dinner isn’t an option, you can always make them breakfast, lunch, or even a midnight snack! Whether you’re a beginner cook or a professionally trained chef, there are plenty of recipes that are sure to delight your better half!

Aromatherapy massages

Whether you’re going on a couple’s trip or staying in the comfort of your own home, an aromatherapy massage is the ideal gift to help your partner relax. The massage uses essential oils with calming and, in some cases, aphrodisiac property and can set the stage for a romantic night.


Origami is a beautiful handmade gift made by folding paper. You can make hearts, flowers, or even Pokémon in almost any color you can imagine. There are plenty of online tutorials that will guide you step by step through the process to create the origami of your dreams.

A romantic getaway

If your partner is the adventurous type, a romantic getaway is a surefire way to show your love. You can plan to surprise your partner with a trip to the beach or a place that’s been on their bucket list. If you can’t get on the next flight to Paris, there are plenty of romantic destinations in the United States

In fact, there are plenty of companies that offer special Valentine's Day tours. Just keep in mind that it’s important to follow all safety protocols wherever you go, including masks and hand sanitizer.

A basket of their favorite things

If you want to surprise your partner with things that you know they love, a DIY gift basket filled with all their favorite things like flowers, candy, their favorite flavor of chips, a love letter, or even a bottle of wine is sure to win them over! 

Flower arrangements

If you don't have time to find all their favorite things, flower arrangements are a tried-and-true Valentine’s Day gift that have stood the test of time for couples around the world. But this gift doesn’t have to be cliche; you can give it a personal touch by arranging it yourself. 

Head to a flower shop and buy a bunch of different types of flowers, and try things out! The arrangement doesn’t have to be perfect. What matters most is that you show how much your partner means to you, and flowers are a great way to do that!

Long live love and friendship!

Now that you’ve got a few innovative Valentine's Day gift ideas, are you ready to get something perfect for your special someone? No matter what you give, what matters most is that your gift comes from the heart.

From the bottom of our hearts, we at SABEResPODER would like to wish you a happy Valentine's Day full of joy. If you have any questions about this holiday or any other concerns, you can always chat with us.