How to Earn Money on Facebook

Did you know that you can earn money on Facebook? Over the last decade, thousands of people have harnessed the power of this social media platform to increase their income. With over 2.9 billion users across the world (as of 2022), Facebook is the largest social platform, which makes it ideal for earning extra money from home. 

If you’re a content creator, or want to grow your small business, this guide will provide you with some great tips on how to leverage your Facebook account and increase your earning opportunities.

Facebook’s Monetization Policies

In order to be successful at earning money on Facebook, users have to comply with Meta’s Partner Monetization Policies. The most important policies are:  

Have the right type of page

Unlike most Facebook users who only have a personal profile, you have to have a business page in order to earn money. Access to monetization features is only available to users with professional pages, business pages, events, and Facebook groups. 

Comply with the community standards

The main community standards that govern all Facebook posts are: 

  • Dignity. Don’t use language that degrades or threatens anyone’s dignity. 
  • Safety. Don’t post any content that could put any individual or group’s physical safety at risk.
  • Authenticity.  Everything that you post on Facebook must be authentic—you can’t publish any misinformation or information that violates copyright infringement laws.

Respect the content monetization policies

In order to earn money by creating content on Facebook, you need to comply with the platform’s content monetization policies. One of the platform’s most important policies is refraining from publishing content related to prohibited subjects such as: 

  • Explicit content related to tragedy or conflicts.
  • Inciting hatred based on race, gender, nationality, age, political afficiliation, sexual orientation, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, disabilities, religion, or immigration status.
  • Suggestive sexual content.
  • Criminal activity.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Obscene and defamatory language.
  • Explicit content displaying physical damage.

Post original content

Content creators can only monetize original content— the content has to be created partially or completely by the creator,  or by an external social media agency that they hire. 

Respect the payment terms and conditions

All content creators and external content providers on Facebook have to comply with the terms of payment. To read more about these terms, click here.  

Respect the page, group, and event rules

Facebook pages, groups, and events have specific terms and conditions. In order to earn money through the platform, all content creators have to follow these rules.

Establish your presence on Facebook

If you want to access all the features to monetize your Facebook content, you’ll have to establish your page’s presence for at least 30 days.

Common Ways to Monetize Your Content on Facebook

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There are plenty of ways to earn money on Facebook, but Facebook Business promotes four main ways to monetize on Facebook: 

In-Stream ads

In-Stream ads briefly appear before, during, or after a video plays on Facebook. This is one of the most effective ways to earn money, especially if you’re willing to create longer videos for your company. The longer the videos, the more time you get to post ads and therefore make more money. The biggest factors that influence the profitability of your in-stream ads are the number views your videos get and how relevant your ads are. The requirements to include in-stream ads in your content are: 

  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Post videos on a page, in other words you can’t use videos on whatever Facebook profile, group, or event you come across.
  • Comply with Facebook’s partner monetization policies.
  • Meet the requirements to upload on demand and live videos.
  • Have over 10,000 followers.
  • Live in a participating country and use one of the available languages.
  • Only publish videos with a minimum duration of a minute, though for most effectiveness the videos have to be at least three minutes.

To determine if your page is eligible, check out the “Monetization” section in Facebook’s Creator Studio

Fan subscriptions

Fan subscriptions are an excellent way for pages with an established fanbase to earn money on Facebook. It’s also a great way for pages to offer exclusive content on a regular basis and earn consistent income. When you use fan subscriptions, the audience finances the page through payments that you can manage and configure. These fans, also known as collaborators, can use a special badge to identify themselves in the comments. This visibility gives creators the opportunity to reward collaborators with benefits like special discounts and access to exclusive content. The requirements are: 

  • Have a minimum of 10,000 followers or 250 regular viewers
  • Have 50,000 interactions with posts or 180,000 of minutes played interacciones

Branded content

A lot of brands want to work with content creators in order to reach their audiences. Creating branded content is a great way to make money through pages with a loyal and active fan base. In order to make this collaboration as profitable as possible, Facebook created a tool called Branded Collabs Manager. This tool allows collaborators to connect with content creators.   

Subscription groups

For people who have a knack for community management, subscription groups are a very convenient way to monetize on Facebook. The way they earn money is through followers’ subscriptions in these groups. The manager has to invest more time and effort into the community and be able to offer their subscribers additional exclusive content. The main requirements to open a subscription group on Facebook are being a group admin and complying with Facebook’s partner monetization policies mentioned above. 

Other Ideas For Earning Money on Facebook

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Though Facebook Business recommends the monetization options above, there are other ways to earn money on Facebook that don’t violate the partner monetization policies. The most effective alternatives are the following: 

Mentioning other accounts or profiles

This is a very practical way to earn money on Facebook. All you have to do is promote other business’ pages that are willing to pay you for a mention. These types of companies usually don’t have a very organic way to reach their audience, so they recruit pages with loyal and active followers that may be in their target market to post. If you want to try this consider creating accessible packages for weekly or monthly mentions to support small businesses that want to grow in your area. 

Selling products and/or services

This is the most popular way to earn money on any social media platform. It’s important to choose the type of product and/or service that you’re selling carefully. Makemake sure you do your research on your target market and your audience. A few examples of products you can sell are: cosmetics, kitchen tools, ebooks, and paper books. You can even sell desserts or services like styling or massage therapy! It all depends on the type of industry you want to get into and catering to your followers’ interests accordingly.

Direct traffic to a monetized blog

If you have a blog where you sell your products and/or services online, Facebook is the ideal place to post about them and direct traffic to your blog. Avoid going overboard with these types of posts so you don’t overwhelm your followers. Directing traffic in moderation can be a great way to improve your followers’ user experience and make your page even more profitable.

Affiliate marketing

In order to earn money through affiliate marketing, you’ll have to join programs to partner with other companies. That way you can promote other businesses' services and/or products and get commission on the sales that you make through your page. If you don’t have your own product and/or services, this is a great way to earn money on Facebook. 

Advertise by using Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads can be a very profitable investment for you. It’s a great way to promote your posts, increase the number of people that your content will reach, and therefore increase your number of followers. With this tool, you can plan your posts and direct them to specific target audiences. This will considerably increase traffic to your page and increase your earnings. To find out more about Facebook Ads and how to start using it, check out Meta ad manager.  

Sell a fan page

This avenue is more common than you might think. It consists of creating Facebook pages with different themes and regularly posting content that will interest a large number of people and establish a strong fanbase. Once this happens, you can sell your fan page to companies that want to promote products that this fanbase will find appealing. This allows them to have access to a large pool of potential buyers on Facebook without having to start a page from the ground up. 

Companies buy these pages for anywhere between $150 and $2,500. This can be a very profitable way to earn income on Facebook. You just need a bit of patience and a good content creation strategy to make it happen. 

Start Earning Money on Facebook!

There are plenty of different ways to earn money with Facebook. Whether you're a small business owner who wants to expand your business or you’re a future content creator, Facebook can be a great way to increase your income. 

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If you have any question about this or anything else, feel free to chat with a SABEResPODER expert. We’ll be happy to help you.