How to Get a Loan Without Credit

Whether you're looking to buy a home in the near future, refinance your car, or open a line of credit to buy a new computer for your family, credit plays a crucial role in everyone’s financial life in the United States. Establishing a good credit score can open doors to homeownership, lower interest rates, and even opening your own business. This may seem daunting if you’re just starting out or if you don’t have a credit score, but there are still loan options available that can help you build credit or improve your score.

Getting a loan and paying it back on time is a great way to build credit that you can use to achieve the goals that you and your family have. That’s why we prepared this helpful guide to walk you through some options for applying for a loan with no credit history.

Can I Get a Loan Without Credit?

The short answer is yes, though it’ll be a bit more difficult without it. Some loan options you can access without credit are: 

  • Home equity loans 
  • Credit builder loans
  • Secured personal loans 

You can get an unsecured personal loan, but you’ll need to have a credit score of at least 600. You’ll have to show bank statements, capital, and have a minimum number of years proving your credit record.

How Difficult is it to Get a Loan Without Credit?

Getting a loan with no credit score is difficult but not impossible. There are a few common issues that you may run into. It’s best to look for the safest and easiest ways to get a loan that don’t involve big financial sacrifices or putting your savings at risk.

Why Does Credit History Matter so Much to Lenders?

Credit history and the reports that we generate when we use our cards, pay a debt, or make financial transactions are very important. Banks and lenders use this score to determine how likely a person is to pay back their loans when applying for financing. If you want to know how to build your credit history, check out our guide.

Precautions when applying for a loan with bad credit

If you need to apply for a loan but don’t have a perfect credit score, consider the following: 

  • Credit report: This will give you clarity on your credit score. After reviewing your report, you can try and improve or repair your score by: 
    • Paying outstanding bills or financial services
    • Correcting errors with payments
    • Getting help from professionals who can create a plan based on your needs
  • Co-signer: Having a co-signer can provide greater security and improve your interest rate and monthly terms with your lending institution. The verification may be less intensive than what you’d undergo on mass lending sites.
  • Make a list of lenders: Creating a list of potential lender sites that can provide the financing you want without a specific credit score.
  • Update your documents: Keeping your documents up to date— such as deed or references— will  help significantly since they can be checked in a potential interview.

Options For Getting a Loan Without Credit

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There’s a number of options available to you for getting a loan without credit:

Loans without a credit check.

These types of loans are made on a personal basis. They’re usually short-term because the lender takes on a greater risk in the absence of credit. Although the lender doesn’t look at credit history, they usually request these references: 

  • Receipts for products or services 
  • Your address 
  • Employment information 
  • Social Security number information (if available) 

Depending on the lender and other fees, these types of loans usually range from $400 to $1700. 

Keep in mind: If you’re thinking about applying for a loan without a credit check, these loans can come with a high interest rate.

Alternative payday loans

These are also known as cash advance loans. They’re short-term financing where you receive an amount of money based on your income. In order for the loan to be dispersed, you’ll need to provide details about your income. These types of loans are unique because they must be paid in full by the due date, otherwise you’ll incur late fees. When added to the high interest, these can cause you to go into a lot of debt. The typical loan is up to $600 cash.

Keep in mind: These types of loans can be predatory and should only be selected if you are absolutely certain you can pay it back in time. If not you may end up a debt cycle and have a lot of difficulty getting out of it. 

Alternative Options For Financing Without Credit

If you want to find a solution that doesn’t involve paying high installments, there are a number of options available including:

Apply for a secured credit card

Although this option involves a higher expense than traditional financing, it’s a great first step in building the necessary credit history you need so a bank can support you later with a loan request. To get one, you’ll have to make a cash deposit to assure the lender that you have sufficient funds for your expenses. From then on, you’ll have access to a line of credit that must be repaid every month. Otherwise, the bank can take your collateral in order to compensate for your default.

Loans to generate credit

This option consists of a lender depositing a small loan into your account which you will then pay back plus interest each month. This takes place for a number of months that both parties agree upon until the deposit is paid and then returned to you in full. This option can last from four to twenty months. 

Collateralized loans

This type of loan consists of putting a property, asset or title as collateral in case you’re unable to repay your debt. In order for you to be able to access this type of loan, you will need to get an appraisal of the property that you want to give as collateral. The most common forms of collateral for this type of loan are property deeds, cars, or other assets of similar value. 

Through a guarantor

You need a cosigner willing to serve as a guarantor against a banking institution or other lender to obtain this type of loan. This may be risky for the co-signer because they might lose money. Many people do so because they have a relationship or positive references to back up the beneficiary’s credibility.  

Accessing financing through a co-signer can be easier since you can have a more direct line of contact without having to extensively demonstrate your credit history. The co-signer serves as a guarantor against the institution in the event of a problem or delay in making payments.

Getting a Loan Without Credit is Possible!

It might take some time and careful planning, but getting a loan without credit is possible. These options will bring you closer to accomplishing your financial goals.  

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