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legalPublished 07/06/2022

How to Make an Immigration Emergency Plan

We’ve put together recommendations to help you make an immigration emergency plan and protect your family in case of deportation.

legalPublished 07/06/2022

VAWA: What is the Violence Against Women Act and how does it protect me?

Domestic violence is a serious social problem that needs to be tackled. You can read more about what the Violence Against Women Act consist of and how it protects wo

legalPublished 07/06/2022

Biden’s executive order on immigration restores hope

The Biden-Harris administration aims to restore hope to the immigrant community. Get all the details about the Biden executive order on immigration.

legalPublished 06/27/2022

Social Security in the U.S.: What is it, and How Does it Work?

¿Sabe qué es el Seguro Social de EE.UU.? En este artículo le informamos sobre cómo funciona esta institución, los beneficios que ofrece y cómo obtenerlos.

legalPublished 06/21/2022

How to Protect Yourself From Scams and Fraud

Learn how to identify the most common scams and what to do if you've fallen for one.

legalPublished 06/03/2022

Where Can You Find Free Immigration Advice?

Are you in need of immigration advice and not sure where to start? You’re in luck! We've provided a list of organizations that provide free immigration advice.

legalPublished 06/02/2022

What Are the Requirements for a Mexican Passport?

Did you know you can apply for a Mexican passport without leaving the US? Find out how here!

legalPublished 05/27/2022

New Green Card Requirements

The USCIS is facilitating the Green Card process for certain immigrants. Find out how.

legalPublished 05/13/2022

How to Write an Immigration Affidavit of Support

Need to write immigration affidavit of support and you're not sure where to start? In this article we’ll answer some questions and point you in the right direction.

legalPublished 05/13/2022

Immigration Services in The US - What You Should Know

Want to find out more about available services for people who want to immigrate to the U.S. or adjust their immigration status? Learn more here.